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ABOUT The OBBM Network

Our Mission
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Local business needs new success drivers, and most of us are guilty of thinking too small. 

OBBM Network was created to promote local business owners to their largest referral network - OTHER business owners - amplifying everything a B2C communication can do. 

We call it a 'B4B' approach. By connecting your message to the needs of local DFW business owners today, you can reach targeted audiences using television, podcast, radio, and advertising for their own business growth. 

And that's not all. Local family business makes up 90% of American micro-to-mid market businesses nationwide. We're the first line of defense between federal, state, and local over reach and the communities we serve. 'We The People' care about our families, schools, churches, businesses and Constitutionally protected freedoms as a matter of life. No government will ever care more about our health, family,  and community relationships than we do. It's important they know who they can trust for goods and services that respect their civil liberties and American way of life.  

At the OBBM Network, we represent you, local business. We're here to help you through the amazing podcasts and television programs we offer, through the advertising of products and services you need to know about, and through media training our show hosts and others who are realizing that without a media presence, it will be harder to compete on value versus price. 

When we stand shoulder to shoulder, we maximize our effectiveness and protect our next generation of up and coming business owners who will stand on liberty as we did. 

Technology | Executive Business Coaching | Health | K-12 Education | Service Industry | Trades 

Product Sales | Local Politics | Money | Data Privacy 

We're here for YOU, Local Business, and we've got your back! 

The Parallel Economy

You have important things to say about business growth, and don't need 'Big Brother' breathing down your neck and destroying your content strategy. 

At OBBM, we're 'social media diversified', which means we've done the hard work to develop our B2B network on platforms that are traditionally recognized, AND where business owners are communicating today. 

Hint: Business owners don't hang out on social media, but they DO engage on parallel economy social media when their views are being censored. 


OBBM Network Studios at Gracepoint

1860 Crown Road, STE 1410

Farmer's Branch, TX


Phone: 214-714-0495


Monday - Friday 

9:00 am to 5:30 pm


Evenings by Appointment

Meet the Team

Ahna Chester

I take promotional images on set, create your Instagram reels, record your contact information and create the social media graphics that make you shine. 

Larry Kortkamp


I'll coordinate the team you need to execute a great media performance and strong advertising direction. 

Susan Hamilton


I'll help you with your editorial, stage, brand, and program direction. As a media trainer for 21 podcasts and 4 television shows, I'm focused on showcasing YOU.

Ahna Chester, Photographer.jpg

Pamela Greene

I coordinate your approach to the marketplace and implement strategies that attract your target audience and get you noticed.  


"A provider of unbiased, practical information for the individual and small business owner."

~ John Ivor Chester

Speaker, Author, Licensed Music Therapist and Podcast Host

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